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August Mega-Issue: Fall Book Tune-Up
Calling it “a book” seems quaint, with ratings data delivery paperless for so long now.
With THE WORLD gone-digital, business-as-usual is no longer a business.

Research demonstrates that AM/FM radio is a powerful companion medium to the new platform, where smart stations are now earning digital dollars (not just dimes any more). We’re cooking-up some real cool stuff at stations I work with.

Still, what-comes-out-the-speaker anchors a station’s brand, wherever its content extends. So habitual listening remains Job One.
Even if you’re not a ratings subscriber, you need to be on-your-game by Labor Day, when listeners’ lives settle back into routine.
Think of it this way: In September, your play opens on Broadway. August is that New Haven run-through.

This month:

  • The Checklist: What-to-listen-for when you audit your station’s on-air sound (the #1 thing stations hire me to do).
  • Ditto for your online audio stream. Too many stations don’t even HEAR theirs, and it suffers as a result.
  • On-air marketing: Are your promos accomplishing THE TWO THINGS they need to? Or are they “typical?”
  • WEEKEND GOLD: How canny Talk stations grow “appointment listening” and make big buckos.
  • And how music stations can get-in-on that action, without stopping-the-music.
  • Your “web site” (two words you should never use on air – why, and what-to-say-instead). Pump-up traffic and revenue.
  • EXPLOITING SOCIAL MEDIA, to prompt tune-in, and help advertisers move-the-needle.

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Jim Bohannon, NOT a paid spokesperson
“Every job at your station is in jeopardy.”
In my March, 2005 newsletter, that prediction might’ve seemed dire. ‘Believe me now?
Heck, in April 2000, I wrote:
“You used to worry that you’d pull into the station parking lot and find someone installing a satellite dish in your space. Now, you worry that the station itself won’t be there, having been relocated to a regional hub. Bean-counters are making such plans right now.”

What happened?
What happens next?

And what does it mean to YOU?

That’s what I frame for you, each month.
And each December, it’s my annual Year-in-Review/Year-Ahead Forecast issue.
Included this time:
Why 2013 was a turning point for Talk Radio.
NOT for-the-better. And what needs to happen next.
2 TV industry wake-up calls radio should hear loud-and-clear.
Especially with Nielsen taking-over radio audience measurement.
Best book I read in 2013?
It’s must-reading for radio folk…and it won me a pile of lobster!
Best digital revenue idea I heard in 2013
Proof that some-of-the-best-ideas come-from-the-smallest-markets.
Most-promising revenue source in 2014?
Ditto 2015, 2016, and beyond…and why…
2013 Competitor-That-Impressed-Me-Most?
Credit-where-credit-is-due, for a clever idea…
Most-curious move in 2013: AMs that discontinued FM simulcasts.
How they’re likely misreading their own ratings…
TV has Tivo and other DVRs. And radio has…?
Success templates for sponsorable on-demand audio…
Oxford Dictionary 2013 Word-of-the-Year: “selfie”
What that means to radio — especially Talk — in 2014
Most-Remarkable Station-Produced Web Content I Saw In 2013…maybe EVER?
And yes, it was a money-maker…in market #144!
Last year this station won a Crystal Award, this year a Marconi
When you do good, you also do well…and advertisers notice.
Boston Marathon Bombing: What radio learned about digital on April 15…
Business lessons from a NOT-business-as-usual day.
2013 Talk Radio Embarrassment-of-the-Year?
3-way tie!
Best new national Talk show in 2013: Herman Cain
As your consultant predicted. Why his approach is refreshing political talk…
Radio’s missing link: Millennials
We need ‘em as listeners. And how to MANAGE Gen-Y staffers…
In Memoriam: Voices, and others, we’ll miss in 2014…
They leave radio big shoes to fill.

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Is it time to re-think Rush Limbaugh?
Two years after his 3-day “slut”/”prostitute”/”sex video” tirade permanently wounded Talk Radio’s national advertising status.
Plain talk every affiliate should consider in my March newsletter.

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