“And The Oscar goes to…YOU?”

WABCHear: My 9 Tips For YOUR Academy Awards Acceptance Speech,” on “The Saturday Night Cafe with Laura Smith,” on WABC.


Regular readers know my rant. What makes Talk Radio — not-just-different-than — better-than other formats is…dialogue.
Before the Internet, Talk Radio was the original chat room.
Radio’s best talkers get it. Deft hosts light-up-the-phones, with a provocative take, then welcome caller-after-caller. Callers talk-to-each-other, and the station sounds popular and welcoming and relevant.
And advertisers notice.
The purpose of the host’s take is to make the phone ring.
Too many radio talkers ape Rush Limbaugh, a talented monologuer.
But they’re not Rush.
Talk Radio becomes a caricature, when the-voice-on-the-radio thinks “Talk Radio” means I-talk-you-listen.
And too often, they seem-to-be-saying what-they-think-they’re-expected-to-say. I don’t always believe that THEY believe what-they’re-saying.

hear_bubbleTHAT SAID…listen to THIS monologue, by gifted Jeff Kuhner, mornings on client WRKO/Boston. His gift is authenticity.
Hear him respond — spontaneously, unscripted — to a listener text that called him “extremist.”

JeffKuhnerThe from-the-heart moment that followed fleshes-out this habit-forming host. His passion sounds genuine.
As I listened, rapt, I BELIEVED…that HE BELIEVES what he says. Not just another Rush wanna-be, reciting The Narrative.

“No matter where you are in America, the radio is always on.”

download_bubble Nielsen study “State of the Media: Audio Today 2014: How America Listens

There are NO “stopsets.”

Everything that comes-out-the-speaker is story-telling.

We escape this relentless winter — if only briefly — to discuss, at poolside, with “Deep End” host and renowned radio imaging guru Nick Michaels.

Twitter Tip: Think twice.

TwitterYou won’t lose Followers by not-Tweeting.

Twitter is a powerful tool.
I myself was a late-adopter, and I’m real impressed.
AND IT’S FREE…and that’s a double-edged sword.

try_this_bubblePretend that Tweets cost $1.

Why: Free is too easy.

  • Watch your Followers numbers. They tend to go down right after you’ve Tweeted something, which, apparently, a Follower didn’t find relevant.
  • Don’t take it personally! Whoever just left (and I wish there was a way to know who) might’ve Followed you in-the-first-place because an earlier Tweet was as-enticing as the-one-the-turned-‘em-off wasn’t.
  • You yourself will un-Follow after several – or perhaps even a single – Tweet didn’t grab you. Spam is spam, whatever the platform.

I was recently exposed to some research that demonstrated something you might find unsurprising: Tweets-about-one’s self get re-Tweeted less than Tweets which link-to third party Internet content.

  • Wharton prof Jonah Berger: “People like to pass along practical useful information. News others can use.”
  • Social Media is sharing. Facebook is full of pictures-of-what-the-waiter-just-delivered. Who cares?
MORE: Twitter Tactics For Radio

Convention Two-fer: CES + NMX

conference_notes_bubbleYour consultant was among 150,000 tech-followers attending the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.
But not before a REAL worthwhile NMX.

HCatCESRead/see/hear my notes from CES and New Media Expo

Your NEWS Years Resolutions

Plain talk: Cutbacks continue.
If you read radio’s trade press, that’s not news to you.

  • If you’re among radio’s remaining local news people, solid story-telling technique can improve your chances of remaining longer.
  • Your work – relevant, plainspoken newscasts – can make the station more habit-forming. Promos that assure “WE’VE GOTCHA COVERED” only talk-the-talk. Walk-the-walk by reckoning what matters to your target listener, and sounding-newer every time they hear you.
  • If you do, you’ll prompt what the lab coat crowd at Nielsen calls “additional occasions of listening,” the quickest way to grow ratings Share. So you’ll be handy to have around.
  • Home Run: A listener who hears your copy emits an audible “Hmmm.” Grand Slam: He or she quotes you to a friend or family member.

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