“One of the great voices of American broadcasting”

“It was wholesome, peppy, a little showbiz, with a timbre and cadences that were instantly recognizable and universally understood. His voice meant that you were in the hands of a rock-and-roll professional of the old school.”
The New Yorker
CaseyKasemThe father of hit radio countdowns died on Father’s Day, after a sad family soap opera tortured his final frail days. Casey Kasem was 82.
He was an interesting guy, away-from the countdown. A prominent California Republican who championed the anti-Arab defamation cause.
When I chatted-him-up in the Westwood One suite at a radio convention in the early 90s, I asked about the buzz that he was being nudged to run for Lt. Governor. “I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing,” he grinned.
When we hear those great AT40 re-runs on SiriusXM, we’re hearing a lost art, from a-time-when those AM stations — then Top 40, now Talk — sounded…happy.

DO politicians’ offbeat TV ads really work?

Video from MSNBC’s “The Ed Show:”
adandsubtractCan radio imaging take-a-lesson-from candidates’ commercials?
And DO zany :30 on-air spots on local TV still work in our YouTube culture?

At smart Talk stations, “It’s a Solid Gold Weekend!”

Weekends can be prime time, a moneymaker and appointment listening.
OR an embarrassment for lame-o stations who mail-it-in with weekday re-runs naïvely offered as “Best of,” and unlistenable pay-for-play hours.

NOT that brokered shows can’t be listener and advertiser faves!
Properly coached, pay-for-play experts can become listener faves. Reviewing airchecks with weekend warriors is one of the things I do for client stations.

We polled ask-the-expert show topics, and there are several topics you’re remiss without, some of which do well as pay-for-play, if well-cast.
“Which of the following topics interest you?”

Read more: Help yourself to a copy of the most-requested back issue in the 20 years I’ve been writing my monthly newsletter, a special report.
Scroll-down and look for “Solid Gold Weekend” in the column to the right.
It’s a free download, no login, no password.

Another national talker goes new-platform.

Tom Leykis re-wrote the playbook for entrepreneurial broadcasters.
And he’s getting plenty of company on The New Platform.

052114After his Fox News divorce, Glenn Beck is bigger-than-ever, via his do-it-yourself Internet TV venture. Michael Smerconish walked-away-from 60+ AM/FM stations, some in big markets, for satellite radio.
Public Radio icon Ira Glass announced he’ll self-publish when his contract ends.
Local hosts are making similar moves.
Boston sports talker Glenn Ordway recently went-there. And WGN/Chicago’s Garry Meier migrated to Tribune’s wgn.fm Internet sibling.

Now MSNBC’s Ed Schultz swaps his 3-hour weekday SiriusXM + AM/FM slot to go on-demand.
Video: Why this trend continues
Click-to-listen: Live radio: “Mathematically, the only people listening right now are those who happen to be listening right now:”
After Ed and I talked about his move on TV, a viewer noted on my Facebook page:
“Ed is the reason I subscribe to Sirius/XM and for myself the best part of Ed’s 3 hr radio are the callers, I like hearing the same viewpoints and differing viewpoints…Ed’s callers have always been more coherent & more intelligent than Limbaugh’s EIB callers….and Ed respects the callers, not so much with the EIB guru.”
I replied:
“A lot of people said-what-you-said about why-they-subscribed-to-satellite-radio when Howard Stern migrated there. Darn flattering to the talent! In this case, acts like Ed that move to on-demand distribution are following YOU, by not-requiring-YOU to make a listening appointment. And by making the show available on your smartphone, they put it back-in-the-pocket, where radio used to be.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey & company are filming a third season of “House of Cards” for Netflix.
Stay tuned…

Dodgers TV standoff = radio cume + TSL bonanza.

Fan recalls:
“I grew up at a time when you could listen to the game by radio, so I’m reliving those days.”
Read, from Southern California Public Radio

“Moms & Media 2014″

Read: Edison Research & Triton summarize useful data on this special media consumer.

How Talk Radio is Turning-off Heavy Listeners

Read survey: Talk Radio needs more variety, more callers, more local.
Say WHAT?Pottymouth cost Rush Limbaugh ad revenue and ratings.
His own company demoted him to a smaller signal in Los Angeles, lower-rated than several college stations, and eleven non-English-language stations. And all of Talk Radio has suffered collateral damage.
Hear: On The Ed Schultz Show, we discuss how other talkers are reinforcing the format’s unfortunate caricature.

Exclusive: 2 years after Fluke Flap, blacklisters are costing advertisers Talk Radio’s clout.
National opinion survey points to “one bad apple.”

RushLimbaughRush NYC affiliate is #22 in latest ratings. Four that beat it aren’t even English language stations.
A Classical music station is higher-rated.
In LA: #37, SanFran: #27, Chicago: #19, Dallas: #21

Those are total week rankers; Limbaugh’s hours do better.
But stations-he-left are ticking-up since.
Rush spin: Ratings don’t matter

Rush Limbaugh’s ratings — small-in-big-markets – remain bigger-in-small markets…
…where advertiser boycotts remain bothersome but less-costly.
As advertisers flee, political money flows
Ad boycotters are exercising THEIR Free Speech