2 Questions Every Radio Station MUST Ask

Who do you think you’re talking to?
Yes-this-will seem like something-a-consultant-would-suggest.
But DON’T believe me. Try it.
As a group, profile your target listener, the shoppers your advertisers want to see pull-into the parking lot.
Who are your heavy listeners?

What age range? Does your format skew male or female?
Where do they live (most important Zip Codes)?
Where do they work? Accordingly: How much time do they spend in-car?
Do they own? Rent? One car? Two? New? Used?
Children at home? How many? How old?
Hobbies/activities? Cable? Satellite? Cord-cutters? Netflix?
What technology is part of their daily routine? Smartphones? Likely. iPad?
Flesh ’em out. Heck, NAME them.
Post photos, like the shot below, around the station.
Then, make them the prism for everything you do.
On-air topics, newscast story choice and copy style, commercial copy…everything talks to THEM.
We do this my client stations, and it sure does make a difference.

What is in the box?
Meet Ted, target listener of the Sports Talk stations I work with.
He’s just home from buying what’s in that box.
Sales meeting topic: Which advertisers want to meet this guy?
Pitch them.

Viva Las Vegas…

conference_notes_bubble…where last week I attended THREE conventions: the NAB Show, RAIN Summit West, and NMX.

Why are these people smiling?
Crystals APPLAUSE to 2-of-10 NAB Crystal Awards winners who are my clients. Accepting from NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith and Lincoln Financial’s Don Benson are (L) Neuhoff Media CEO Beth Neuhoff and (R) Delmarva Broadcasting/Milford Ops Manager Steve Monz. Congrats also to my alma mater WTOP/Washington, and all other winners.

Wheeler“I am used to people complaining about government inefficiencies. It is a new experience, however, to hear complaints to maintain the inefficiencies.”

In his SRO FCC Keynote, Chairman Tom Wheeler told us that policing radio pirates would not be a casualty of impending Commission cutbacks. “New realities demanding a re-assessment of how we do business. We’re trying to bring simple business management concepts to the FCC.” Wheeler itemized the overhead involved in keeping a Field Office open, quipping “and we don’t want our people in the office anyway!” He says the FCC will be beefing-up its Miami office, and that wherever they are, “every single FCC field employee will be a double-E engineer.”
READ: his prepared remarks.

READ: My RAIN Summit West notes in Talkers magazine.
That’s the short version. More-more-more in a meaty May HC newsletter.

PMS-TomHere’s Perry Michael Simon from AllAccess.com, and trailblazing podcaster Tom Leykis, who had the RAIN Summit West audience HOWLING when he quoted his 1990s boss Mel Karmazin: “You can’t monetize the Internet.”

Tom told us that he recently sold-out a LA comedy club “at $75 a head, THREE TIMES the usual ticket price, to watch 15 of my callers perform.”

GordonSmith“Radio has more listeners now than ever before.”
NAB CEO/President Gordon Smith welcomed the April convention’s biggest crowd since 9/11. 100,000+ attendees came here from 159 countries.
READ: Smith’s keynote

HN-HHRadio people were lurking in the high-mojo crowd at NMX.
L-R: CBS News VP/Radio Harvey Nagler, Las Vegas radio/TV personality Heidi Harris, HC.

READ: Valuable tips radio broadcasters and podcasters are swapping here.
This session alone paid for the trip: My notes from the “Small & Medium Market Idea Exchange

Sure-fire Talk Radio Phone-ringer?

“Any ‘double-standard’ issue,”
according to veteran talker Dan Gaffney
DanGaffney-WXDEBased on his 20+ years waking-up the region, Dan says “double standard” questions never fail. Examples:
“Oh! So it’s OK for POLICE to talk on cell phones while driving, but not for YOU?”
“Oh! So STUDENTS need to get vaccinated, but not TEACHERS?”
“Oh! So booze IS legal, and weed ISN’T?”

And Dan affirms two things I’ve observed hearing him and others exploit this technique:
Callers tell stories. And the topic you pose needn’t spin-off a local story. Locals will respond to a opportune news item elsewhere (“What if that happened here?”).

Talk Radio’s Unsung Heroes

screenerHow call screeners can make a big difference?
Video details specific techniques.

Weekend Talk Radio: Is THE DEAL doomed?

Plain talk: At too many stations – some with once-proud call letters – weekends are an embarrassment.

video_bubbleSee: It doesn’t have to be that way.
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