“The Next Generation of Talk Media”

podium2Click-on-the-pic for video: My presentation, the opening session at a great Talkers2016 conference.
NOTE: You won’t see my PowerPoint slides on the big screen behind me, so I’ve put the whole deck, and a pile of handouts on a download page…no charge, no login.
Simply send Email — even a blank one will do — to talkers2016@hollandcooke.com Moments later, the robot will deliver.

Think radio is challenged? Try TV!

test_patternRead how both media have been re-defined by consumer demand, and how radio can capitalize.

In the 1970s, many AM stations were The MOR Format.
In the 1980s, many FMs were The AOR Format.
In today’s I-want-it-anywhere/anytime/on-any-device culture, it’s time to…

She’s radio’s most-valuable listener.

2016-MomsAndMediaA mother employed full time is a heavier media user than the population overall.
And as Secretary of The [family] Treasury, she means a lot to stations and advertisers.

MelissaDeCesare“Multi-tasking Moms are also multimedia moms.”
Melissa DeCesare — VP of the Edison Research unit “The Research Moms” –- walked webinar attendees through her firm’s 6th annual “Moms & Media” study. Read: my notes

FAQ #1

Talk Radio, One Year From Today?
Read my forecast.
Also: Why most podcasts fail?

Las Vegas Convention Two-fer

conference_notes_bubbleHere are audio, video, photos, and news-you-can-use from the 2016 NAB Show and RAIN Summit West

CLINIC in interview technique

If I were still managing WTOP, I’d bring a stack of pizzas into the conference room — two sessions, so everybody could attend — ON the clock.
And for budding journalists, this would be a seminar.
In either case, after viewing the video, we would — as a group — discern/observe/surmise why this interview was SO REMARKABLE.
List, as bullet points, what clicked.
How can YOU get-more-from the next city/state official…or athlete…or whomever you interview next?

Politics-aside, focus on the interviewer’s technique and the subject’s lack-of-depth. On-its-own, either would make this video instructive. BOTH make what-transpired-in this conversation classroom-worthy viewing.

Cleveland & Philly-bound?

I’ve planned station-level coverage of every national political convention since Mondale/Ferraro ’84; and several stations I work with are covering this year’s conventions.
Read: Technique I’m recommending, which may surprise you.