DON’T Tweet like Trump.

I’m cautioning a local politician who apes The Donald’s Twitter style not to.
And – because radio talent is, effectively, “running for election” non-stop – you shouldn’t either.

4 reasons why:

  • Relentless negativity gets old quickly. We all know, and seek to avoid, someone whose glass is ALWAYS half-empty. Don’t be her.
  • Bellicose braggadocio gets old even quicker. And “I,” “I,” “I,” “me,” “me,” “me” validates two unfortunate caricatures (politicians and radio people).
  • The politician I’m warning is a grandmother; and might reckon that crabby demographic cohorts are heavy voters, which they are. But on Twitter, 70-somethings are WAY-outnumbered by younger users. Millennials are repelled by acrimony and seek consensus.
  • Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back…even if you delete-the-Tweet. For several years, The Library of Congress has archived all Tweets. And those who don’t wish you well may have saved what you uttered…something politicians learn the hard way when their words show up on opponents’ campaign commercials. And we’ve all read radio trade press reports of DJs and talkers who’ve been fired for Social Media faux pas.
Surprised that a consultant would recommend-against a success template like The Donald? He’s him, you’re not. Ditto much-imitated Rush Limbaugh. To quote Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Entercom/CBS merger WILL change your game.

You have options.
That was my session at the TalkersNY2017 conference.
As listeners’ media consumption continues to change — and radio braces for the next round of Consolidation — I recommend how you can exploit The New Normal. And this can of beer is a clue…
That’s the trailer. Here’s the movie…

To see my presentation, send Email — even a blank one will do — to
Moments later, the robot will reply.

2017 NAB Show

What a week in fabulous Las Vegas!
And it was ALL business…honest…
My convention notes from Talkers magazine:

And in Thursday’s column I promised these interview tips from Jarle Leirpoll’s session “Smartphone Video: Do It Properly Or Not At All:”

Promote, NOW.

Ratings being measured right now will influence much of the Christmas 2017 buy, and 2018 planning.
So do what you can, now to invite new cume.
If you have to, blow the entire year’s budget NOW.
OK, easy for me to say.
You have to write the checks.
But here’s a money-saving shortcut.
A proven technique that’ll save big on production:

Radio’s biggest star returns.

Do the math.
For 6 months when habitual listening dips as listeners vacation and otherwise alter their lives, baseball brings tune-in (“vertical maintenance” in ratings speak), to…
162 three+ hour shows (“horizontal maintenance”), by…
people who otherwise might not cume the station, in…
what would otherwise be fringe evening/late-night/weekend hours, many of which are suspenseful, and which are loaded with…
inventory that sells-without-numbers.
Read: How to make the most of this valuable franchise.

Best Endorsement Spot of the Year?

Possibly! Unique technique:
Hear for yourself how this copy produced instant results…for a retailer 100 miles from the radio station!


VIEWER WARNING: Your consultant is a former high school English teacher.