Need digital revenue? (Not a trick question)

In the 1970s, many AM stations were The MOR Format.
In the 1980s, many FMs were The AOR Format.
In today’s I-want-it-anywhere/anytime/on-any-device culture, it’s time to…


2016CEWeekNow that the dashboard has turned into iPad where’s radio?
Car dealers’ relationship with their customers is changing.
So should radio’s.

Understand the threat — and spot the OPPORTUNITY — in my notes from the CE Week Connected Mobility Conference.

70 rocks.

Portrait of man riding cycle in countrysideBeginning July 1, the oldest Baby Boomers are required to begin withdrawing from IRAs. Where will that money go?
And the 2.1 million Americans who hit The Big Seven-Oh in 2017 are just the beginning. Until Millennials came along, Boomers were the most-populous demographic group in history.
This dough, socked-away for decades, now has to go SOMEWHERE.
Worth a Sales meeting.
Here’s your cheat-sheet.

“The Next Generation of Talk Media”

podium2Click-on-the-pic for video: My presentation, the opening session at a great Talkers2016 conference.
NOTE: You won’t see my PowerPoint slides on the big screen behind me, so I’ve put the whole deck, and a pile of handouts on a download page…no charge, no login.
Simply send Email — even a blank one will do — to Moments later, the robot will deliver.

Think radio is challenged? Try TV!

test_patternRead how both media have been re-defined by consumer demand, and how radio can capitalize.

She’s radio’s most-valuable listener.

2016-MomsAndMediaA mother employed full time is a heavier media user than the population overall.
And as Secretary of The [family] Treasury, she means a lot to stations and advertisers.

MelissaDeCesare“Multi-tasking Moms are also multimedia moms.”
Melissa DeCesare — VP of the Edison Research unit “The Research Moms” –- walked webinar attendees through her firm’s 6th annual “Moms & Media” study. Read: my notes

Las Vegas Convention Two-fer

conference_notes_bubbleHere are audio, video, photos, and news-you-can-use from the 2016 NAB Show and RAIN Summit West