Twitter Tip: Think twice.

TwitterYou won’t lose Followers by not-Tweeting.

Twitter is a powerful tool.
I myself was a late-adopter, and I’m real impressed.
AND IT’S FREE…and that’s a double-edged sword.

try_this_bubblePretend that Tweets cost $1.

Why: Free is too easy.

  • Watch your Followers numbers. They tend to go down right after you’ve Tweeted something, which, apparently, a Follower didn’t find relevant.
  • Don’t take it personally! Whoever just left (and I wish there was a way to know who) might’ve Followed you in-the-first-place because an earlier Tweet was as-enticing as the-one-the-turned-‘em-off wasn’t.
  • You yourself will un-Follow after several – or perhaps even a single – Tweet didn’t grab you. Spam is spam, whatever the platform.

I was recently exposed to some research that demonstrated something you might find unsurprising: Tweets-about-one’s self get re-Tweeted less than Tweets which link-to third party Internet content.

  • Wharton prof Jonah Berger: “People like to pass along practical useful information. News others can use.”
  • Social Media is sharing. Facebook is full of pictures-of-what-the-waiter-just-delivered. Who cares?
MORE: Twitter Tactics For Radio


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