Another national talker goes new-platform.

Tom Leykis re-wrote the playbook for entrepreneurial broadcasters.
And he’s getting plenty of company on The New Platform.

052114After his Fox News divorce, Glenn Beck is bigger-than-ever, via his do-it-yourself Internet TV venture. Michael Smerconish walked-away-from 60+ AM/FM stations, some in big markets, for satellite radio.
Public Radio icon Ira Glass announced he’ll self-publish when his contract ends.
Local hosts are making similar moves.
Boston sports talker Glenn Ordway recently went-there. And WGN/Chicago’s Garry Meier migrated to Tribune’s Internet sibling.

Now MSNBC’s Ed Schultz swaps his 3-hour weekday SiriusXM + AM/FM slot to go on-demand.
Video: Why this trend continues
Click-to-listen: Live radio: “Mathematically, the only people listening right now are those who happen to be listening right now:”
After Ed and I talked about his move on TV, a viewer noted on my Facebook page:
“Ed is the reason I subscribe to Sirius/XM and for myself the best part of Ed’s 3 hr radio are the callers, I like hearing the same viewpoints and differing viewpoints…Ed’s callers have always been more coherent & more intelligent than Limbaugh’s EIB callers….and Ed respects the callers, not so much with the EIB guru.”
I replied:
“A lot of people said-what-you-said about why-they-subscribed-to-satellite-radio when Howard Stern migrated there. Darn flattering to the talent! In this case, acts like Ed that move to on-demand distribution are following YOU, by not-requiring-YOU to make a listening appointment. And by making the show available on your smartphone, they put it back-in-the-pocket, where radio used to be.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey & company are filming a third season of “House of Cards” for Netflix.
Stay tuned…

One response to “Another national talker goes new-platform.

  1. Glad all the “Wanna be’s and Losers” such as myself are getting some company. I remember when I got into Internet radio in 1999, I was told no one would care about online streaming,etc. and Now they are all coming here.

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