Listeners are “throwing darts” at your work.

Think of it this way.
Only we-inside-the-box hear our work in its entirety, unlike the mentally-busy in-car listener — or, worse, the podcast consumer whose attention span is near-zero.
Think of them as “throwing darts.” At any given moment, they tune-into you.
Is your work instantly understandable/engaging? Bulls-eye!
Otherwise, they’ll throw another dart, by channel-surfing away.

Make every…single…moment…deliver.

  • As listeners’ post-vacation lives settle back into routine — and with holiday shopping yonder – it’s real important to be unambiguous and relevant.
  • And boil it down, so when they toss that dart, they instantly “get it.” Deliver at-the-speed-of-life.
  • Thanks to Donald Trump, there’s NO shortage of material.
  • Clients who know me as a call count hawk can finish the following sentence: Dialogue makes you sound popular (which advertisers notice); monologue can make you sound lonely.
  • “YOU” and “YOUR” are magic words.
In my experience, THE – repeat, THE – most-productive aircheck review technique is “addition by subtraction.”
  1. Save what-aired as “Before.”
  2. Save again as “After” and cut-out everything that slowed-down what-you’re-delivering-the-listener.
  3. Save all those cuts as “Styrofoam.”
You’ve scripted-after-the-fact; using the talent’s own work to demonstrate how-it-can-sound-better.

Obviously, this:

  • is LOTS easier now than when I did it with grease pencil and razor blade; and
  • is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Talent won’t cut-out enough Styrofoam.
PDs who bother to coach: This process WILL be worth your time.
Tip: Use an aircheck 2 weeks old, so talent hears their work with fresh ears. Talent with PDs who don’t bother: I can help.


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