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FAQ #1

Talk Radio, One Year From Today?
Read my forecast.

Las Vegas Convention Two-fer

conference_notes_bubbleHere are audio, video, photos, and news-you-can-use from the 2016 NAB Show and RAIN Summit West

See you at Talkers2016?

titleMy session kicks-off a full day themed “Bridging The Generations


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CLINIC in interview technique

If I were still managing WTOP, I’d bring a stack of pizzas into the conference room — two sessions, so everybody could attend — ON the clock.
And for budding journalists, this would be a seminar.
In either case, after viewing the video, we would — as a group — discern/observe/surmise why this interview was SO REMARKABLE.
List, as bullet points, what clicked.
How can YOU get-more-from the next city/state official…or athlete…or whomever you interview next?

Politics-aside, focus on the interviewer’s technique and the subject’s lack-of-depth. On-its-own, either would make this video instructive. BOTH make what-transpired-in this conversation classroom-worthy viewing.

Cleveland & Philly-bound?

I’ve planned station-level coverage of every national political convention since Mondale/Ferraro ’84; and several stations I work with are covering this year’s conventions.
Read: Technique I’m recommending, which may surprise you.

“Does anyone even listen to it? The answer is yes.”

Automaker explains “Why you can’t get AM Radio in your BMW i3″
BMW-i3-RadioBMW explains “the electric motor causes interference with the AM signal. Rather than frustrate customers with inferior reception, the decision was made to leave it off. HD Radio is standard on the i3 and through multi-casting, many traditional AM stations in key markets are available on secondary and tertiary HD signals.”

“At this point you may be asking, who cares? Isn’t AM radio a dinosaur technology with one leg in the grave? Does anyone even listen to it?”
A BMW spokesperson adds:
“The answer is yes: about 3 million people listen to it every day, and five of the ten most popular radio stations in the US are AM radio.”

Why? AMs that win give listeners something they can’t get anywhere else.