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If you are a Rush Limbaugh affiliate, there’s probably NOTHING you can do that will grow Share faster than recycling his listeners to morning drive.
Why? Look at your hour-by-hour ratings. See Mount Everest?
Piles of PPM data affirm: Quickest way to grow Share is add Occasions of Listening, especially from P1s. And Dittoheads are the ultimate Talk Radio P1s.
How? Here’s what we did in the Spring book, and are repeating in the Fall book at a bunch of stations, because — measurably — it worked.
Hear what aired at the beginning of each Limbaugh hour; and what aired the next morning.
And get this! All those hundred dollar bills we gave away? FREE MONEY. from the contest title sponsor, as you’ll hear here.
There’s still time to crank the Fall book. RSVP if you’d like my help. My phone number is at the top of this page.

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