Promote, NOW.

Ratings being measured right now will influence much of the Christmas 2017 buy, and 2018 planning.
So do what you can, now to invite new cume.
If you have to, blow the entire year’s budget NOW.
OK, easy for me to say.
You have to write the checks.
But here’s a money-saving shortcut.
A proven technique that’ll save big on production:


Best Endorsement Spot of the Year?

Possibly! Unique technique:
Hear for yourself how this copy produced instant results…for a retailer 100 miles from the radio station!


VIEWER WARNING: Your consultant is a former high school English teacher.


HCIt’s massive…it’s mind-boggling…it’s the 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show.
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Voices Radio Will Miss in 2017

Some sang, others played their hits.
Some called play-by-play, others called-it-quits.

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If Trump’s win teaches Talk Radio ONE THING…

…it’s this:
heard6Video: Social Media demonstrate appetite for dialogue. Will monologue prone talkers take the hint?

NAB Show/New York

conference_notes_bubbleIt felt eerie stepping into The Javits Center during morning tear-down after Hillary Clinton’s non-celebration the night before. But two levels down, the place was buzzing.

NAB Show/New York, now in its second year, is not a radio conference, but as media morph there was plenty there that radio broadcasters need to hear.
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