HOW big was the Consumer Electronics Show?

Even Las Vegas could barely handle the crowd!
HCLast year, CES strained Vegas hotel capacity and bent the airline ticket cost curve. So this year they capped attendance at last year’s 176,000 of us.
And THEY even changed their name!
They WERE “The Consumer Electronics Association.”
They’re NOW “The Consumer Technology Association…”

… because there’s more to tech than gadgets.
Hey, the world’s biggest retailer doesn’t own a single store: Amazon dot com.
Google and Uber are verbs, not gadgets.
Uber – which now equals “car” to a growing worldwide customer base – has a bigger market cap than General Motors.
The world’s biggest taxi fleet doesn’t own ANY cars…it’s a social network.

What all this means to broadcasters?
And podcasters?
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“Spec Ads WORK!!!”

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NielsenAudio2015“How do we keep radio a critical part of everyone’s media life?”
Nielsen Audio’s Jon Miller, opening the 2015 Client Conference.

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Podcasting: Why stations MUST go-there…

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Hollywood big shot re-defines “television;” and implies an opportunity for radio.

SteveMoskoRadio Talent: Do What Cable Is Doing
Read:When Sony Pictures Television Chairman Steve Mosko spoke at NAB Show/New York, I heard an opportunity.

RU blah, blah, blah?


NAB/RAB Radio Show + RAIN Summit

NABR15If you couldn’t make it to Atlanta, I’ve gotcha covered.
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