NAB/RAB Radio Show + RAIN Summit

NABR15If you couldn’t make it to Atlanta, I’ve gotcha covered.
Here are my notes.

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USA Radio Audience at an All-Time High

245 million listen each week.
[per Nielsen’s Audio Today report]
In Nielsen lab coat language:
“As we are faced with an ever-expanding list of media options, radio maintains its place as a significant part of the listening experience.”

Could we please sound less-defensive sharing this information?
It’s reverberated throughout the business press nicely.
Forbes: “Radio: The All-But-Forgotten Medium With The Biggest Reach.”
Read: Here’s the entire Forbes piece, which ought to be in station Sales kits.

So yes, BE on the new platform. Your listeners sure are, and your advertisers are chasing them there, with dollars leaking to digital media from legacy media like radio.
But in dollar terms, IF – repeat IF – what’s coming out the speaker is relevant and habit-forming, on-air advertising remains the dog and digital is the tail.
Translation? As I’ve emphasized in Sales meetings at client stations recently:
“We sell commercials.”

“Twenty years after the Netscape IPO, ten years after the birth of YouTube, and five years after the first iPad, the Internet has still not destroyed the giants of old media. CBS, News Corp, Disney, Comcast, Time Warner, and their peers are still alive, kicking, and making big bucks. The New York Times still earns far more from print ads than from digital ads. Super Bowl commercials are more valuable than ever. Banner ad space on Yahoo can be bought for a relative pittance.”
Television Is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media In the Digital Age” by USA Today’s Michael Wolff (Portfolio)

Most-common question station owners and managers ask me lately: “What IS ‘digital?’”
The simple answer (and it really IS simple) is on page one of my September newsletter.
And I offer subscribers specific, money-making examples from client stations.

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“Quality, Currency, Quantity”

Remaining local radio news people: To survive the ongoing bloodbath, write “remarkably.”
Read how.

Your Next Job: Your Best Job

HCscreenshotEven with all the recent cutbacks, local on-air work is still opportune.

If you’re on-the-beach, this’ll be hard to hear, but employers find many jobs hard to fill. Honest! I’m often asked to refer qualified candidates.
Video: Make your next radio job your best radio job.
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Sales: Turn Digital Disappointment Into Direct Retail Success

Forecast: Digital will become the #1 advertising platform by 2017, after elections and Olympics pump-up TV in 2016.
Magna Global projects that digital will grab 38% of all ad dollars in 2017, $72 billion (topping TV’s $70.5B, excluding retransmission revenue), dwarfing radio.
Has new media been over-estimated?
After bad experiences with E-commerce, some consumers have become wary.
Read: How local advertisers can exploit E-backlash.


Everybody-who’s-anybody in Talk Radio was there…
…at Talkers magazine’s annual conference in New York.
OK, ALMOST everybody.
If you couldn’t be, scroll Tweets at #TalkersNY2015, and read my notes in what’ll be a meaty July HC newsletter.

Applause to Robin Quivers, named Talkers magazine’s “Woman of the Year.”

CSPANVideo:The Big Picture: The Future of Talk Radio

WHY Rush Limbaugh is in ratings trouble?

At this point, no minds are being changed.
So “horizontal maintenance” is the ball game.

Consultant-to-English translation: Get people-who-already-listen to listen same-time-of-day more-days-per-week.
Make each day different-enough-than-yesterday to cause loyals to think they’d miss something by not-tuning-in.
Click-to-listen: Does this Limbaugh show open sound you’d be missing something if you missed a day?