HOW DO “Heavy Radio Listeners” listen?

  • 50% of all listening is to AM/FM radio. The other half is all those new-tech competitors, BUT…
  • The pie itself is bigger. With so much more to listen to, people are consuming more audio
  • Diligent radio stations are uniquely positioned to own some of that non-transmitter TSL.
Download this study from Edison Research.


Laura Ingraham and Starbucks survive advertiser boycott…

…this time.
I discuss with Talkers publisher Michael Harrison.

Overheard in fabulous Las Vegas…

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Listeners are coping. Do you ring-true?

Millennials? Shmillennials!

Yes they do outnumber us, but Fred Jacobs and I discuss why Baby Boomers are The Most-Consequential Generation. And for your reps…
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AT the Consumer Electronics Show…

…the Consumer Electronics Show is giving the media strict instructions NOT to use the words “Consumer Electronics Show.”

What’s THAT about? Hear here.

M.I.A. @ C.E.S.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai — who recently killed Net Neutrality — canceled his appearance, after reported death threats.
Otherwise, it’s game-on in an exhibit all the size of FIFTY football fields at the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center. And wait’ll you hear what’s here.Read: my CES notes in Talkers magazine.

What will you find when you hook-up a TV antenna?
Talk Radio’s Dave Graveline talk about TV channels you might be missing.
About robo-car…

Top Talk Radio Topics of The Year

Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison counts-down The 2017 Talkers 10.