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Do your weekends sound antique?

OK, I’LL say it: It’s time to drag Talk Radio fossil “Swap Shop,” kicking-and-screaming, into the 21st Century…and create digital revenue in the process.
That’s the first article in this archive, which is in alphabetical order:

21st Century Swap Shop
2012: a Radio Show, and a Radio No-Show
2012: Arbitron Client Conference notes: day 1, day 2, Format Forecast
2012 Vote: Did Talk Radio…HEAR?
2012 CES Holiday Shopping Forecast & 2013 Tech Trends
2013 Consumer Electronics Show: BIG Implications for Radio
2013 NAB Show
2014 Convention Two-Fer: CES + NMX, my Talkers stories and radio reports I filed for client stations and The Jim Bohannon Show and America in the Morning
2014 NAB/RAB Radio Show & RAIN Summit/Indianapolis convention notes: day 1, day 2, day 3; and audio of RAIN Summit sessions
Are You a “Sneezer?
Are You Doing BOTH Kinds of Radio?
Audience Research BREAKTHROUGH: The Dunkin’ Donuts Method
BOO! Don’t let Halloween sneak-up on ya.
Boston Bombing: How Radio Helped…and Hurt
Can Twitter Help Save Your Job?
Email, repositioned by texting and Twitter: New Rules for what is still the Internet’s most-powerful tool
The Future of Radio in the Car? (It already happened!)
FIRED? It’s THEIR loss!
Have you hugged a lawyer — or AN EXTERMINATOR — today?
“How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” 3 stories from The Radio Road
How-To Pump-Up Your Weekend How-To Show: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Before you’re numb…or FIRED: Interview Your Dentist! (Then rinse.)
iPad Creates New Income Opportunity for News Writers DEVOUR this useful blog by WTOP’s Neal Augenstein
Is YOUR JOB Still in the Budget?
Killer Endorsement Spots: Advertisers’ (and Your) Best Buds
Merlin Meltdown: Lessons Learned
Movie Review: Obama’s America 2016
My Favorite Radio Station ON EARTH
NOT “The Future.”“Radio” & “TV” have ALREADY been re-defined.
Podcast? Making Yours More “Sticky” (AND Sponsorable)
Presidential Debates: 7 Talk Radio Take-Aways
Radio Makes It Real…IF We’re Keepin’-it-Real
RAIN Summit Orlando 2013
RIP Al Neuharth, who re-invented the only medium older than Radio
Sales lead: Obamacare
Sandy Hook School Shootings: How Mass Media Covered Mass Murder
Sandy Hook School Shootings: How Radio’s Most-Influential Syndicator Forced Affiliates To Sound Oblivious To The Year’s Most-Gripping Story
Say WHAT? Arbitron and advertisers will punish you if you don’t choose your words carefully
Smerconish: Canary in Talk Radio’s Coal Mine?
So You Want to Syndicate?
SOME Things You Still Only Get From Radio
Station Management: 3 For Your Netflix List
Social Media Success Stories From Sports
Talk Radio Weekends: 2 Sure-Shots
TIME Management? Lotsa luck. TASK Management: Here’s how
Tweeters: Are you confusing @ and #?
Twitter as Talk Radio Teleprompter
Time Warp, Topic Shift: United Nations Talk Radio Day
Predictable Unpredictability” and Solid Fundamentals BEAT Rush Limbaugh
Upgrade to FREE (VERY cool)
Where Radio Fits in the Media Landscape (EXTREMELY valuable research)
Why Herman Cain Will Be Talk Radio’s Next Star
Why Not Just Say “Don’t Listen?
Will you be ready when online content is rated?
Your NEWS Year’s Resolutions
Your Station’s Promos: “Blah, blah, blah?

Your Aircheck Notes (DON’T tense-up.)

Your Target Demographic: Not a Number

NOT accepted by Talkers/RadioInfo, due to its publisher’s modest reluctance to spread my praise: Who needs a station to do “Radio?”

More? Load-up your printer

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